Six fun ways for children to exercise

It’s never too early to get children started on a fit lifestyle.
In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids enjoy an hour of aerobic activity each day.
In addition to physical activity, regular exercise can help children be happier, ward off stress, have better self-esteem and even get better grades.
Some studies have shown that even 20 minutes of activities such as hopping or jumping can improve strength by as much as 75 percent when done over time.
The more muscle mass kids have, the higher the metabolism will be and the more they’ll keep their weight at a healthy level.
Here are six fun ways that seem more like fun than exercising, but will allow your children to get the healthy activity they need:
1. Playing tag in the yard – “You’re it, you’re it!” The kids can have lots of fun at the same time as they’re getting a great cardio workout.
2. Playing with the dog – Running around playing with the dog outside is another great way to get the hear rate going.
3. Riding a bicycle, or even a tricycle – An outstanding way to build leg muscles and overall strength.
4. Dancing – It’s not quite as high energy as running around, but is a good way to have fun and move around inside.
5. Go fly a kite – A great way to enjoy the outdoors and run around for an hour or more.
6. Go to gym with mom or dad – Teach children the basics of working out. Let them walk on the treadmill or ride an exercise bike and even show how to lift weights with little 2.5 or 5 pound dumbbells.

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