Six-pack of gut-buster tips for men

No guy should want to lug around a spare tire for a belly.
With some self-discipline, knowledge and less hard work than you might think, it’s possible to bust your gut.
To really get defined abs, well that will take a great deal of effort and some good genetics as well, but let’s start simple for this this article.
Here are six gut-buster tips for men to trim your waist line and keep your belly from hanging over your pants.
1. Burn more calories than you consume – You can’t spot reduce fat. The body distributes body fat fairly consistently around the whole body and the first place excess fat is stored on men is right around the abdomen. For women, it’s stored around the butt and thighs.
2. Do regular cardio workouts – Doing an endless amount of sit-ups or buying an ab roller off of an infomercial isn’t a good way to tone your stomach. They will only condition the abs under all the fat. You can’t work the fat off in certain areas.
Cardio exercise, such as briskly walking or running on a treadmill, or going for a bike ride, burns lots and lots of fat. In fact, 70-90 percent of the energy you burn during aerobic workouts is fat, according to several studies.
3. Eat small, frequent meals – This will help you improve your metabolism and take in less calories.
4. Stand up more – When you take a phone call at work, try to stand up if possible. Standing burns 1 1/2 times more calories than sitting does. Look into getting a stand-up desk to work at if you can and there are also treadmills with desks.
5. Eat eggs for breakfast – A study in Nutrition Research reported that people who eat eggs for breakfast consume fewer total calories the rest of the day. Eating breakfast in general helps you eat less and be more productive.
6. Put produce at eye level – This is one of my favorite healthy eating tips I’ve ever stumbled across. Scientists at Cornell University reported that you’re 2.7 times more likely to eat healthy food if it’s in your line of sight. That makes sense, sometimes I forget that there’s fruit in the house if it’s stored out of the way.

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