Six tips to ‘spring’ back into shape

Six tips to ‘spring’ back into shape

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Spring has sprung after an especially long, cold, snowy winter.
If you live in a cold-weather state, it’s time to come out of your cabin and emerge from hibernation if you’ve been cooped up inside all winter.
Even if you have been getting outside a good amount, spring is also a good time to reassess your fitness goals.
Here are six excellent ways to spring back into shape:
1. Write down your goals – Assess where your fitness level is at and where you want to get. Write down short- and long-term goals, such as lose 10 pounds or exercise at least three times a week and then stick to them. Chart your workout progress as you go.
2. Exercise outdoors – It’s great to exercise in your home gym or at the fitness club, but now that the weather is getting warmer take advantage of the opportunity to cross train outside. Go for a walk outside, take a light jog or long run, ride a bike, hike, etc.
3. Start a stretching program – Improve your flexibility, but make sure you are stretching properly and only after sufficiently warming up.
4. Clean up the yard – Get a head start on yard work for the spring and summer by cleaning up the debris left over from a long winter. Working in your yard is a great way to get exercise, and also improve your property.
5. Plan fit outings — Instead of going out to eat with friends or family, plan a gathering in which you’ll exercise, such as meeting at the park to hike or going on a group bike ride.
6. Tune up your home gym — Spring cleaning should also include cleaning up your home gym and if it’s been more than a year consider getting your equipment tuned up. At Home Fitness offers excellent deals for equipment tune-ups and repairs in Arizona.

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