Sleep Or Exercise? Reasons to Fit Plenty of Sleep Into Your Schedule

Are you trying to figure out when you will fit in your regular workout routine?  As you take a look at your schedule and look for a spot for your workout, make certain you are not sacrificing other important aspects of your lifestyle in order to get your exercise.  For example, falling back on fast food or processed meals in order to make time for your exercise routine will be counterproductive, as these foods are bad for your health and are loaded with extra calories.  Similarly, you want to be certain you are getting plenty of sleep each night, so don’t cut into your sleep time in order to workout in the morning.

Getting Your Morning Workout

Many people choose to do their workout in the morning, which can be a very good time to do it.  Since you will work up a sweat when you exercise, getting your routine knocked out right before you take your morning shower certainly makes sense.  In addition, working out in the morning can help wake you up and get your metabolism going.  At the same time, if you will be setting your alarm clock earlier so you can fit in a morning workout, you need to be certain you are getting to bed earlier as well.  Otherwise, you could be causing more harm than good when you fit a workout routine into your schedule.

The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep

There are many reasons for you to be certain to get plenty of sleep each night.  First of all, if you are denying yourself proper rest in order to exercise in the morning, you will quickly lose your motivation and you will be more likely to quit on your routine.  In addition, a lack of sleep has many negative side effects.  Obviously, it can lead to a lower energy level, but research has also shown that a continued lack of sleep can lower your immune system, increase your blood pressure and increase your stress level.  As a result, it can ultimately increase your risk of having a heart attack or stroke and can actually lead to obesity.

So, rather than sacrifice your sleep, find other ways to pick up extra time so you can fit your regular workout into your schedule.