Sports specific training worth checking out

People who exercise regularly come in all shapes and sizes.
For competitive athletes who are serious about their performances, sports specific training can provide a definite edge.
By signing up with a certified sports trainer for a comprehensive athletic conditioning program, athletes can oftentimes better achieve their individual goals.
A sports specific training program can help take an athlete’s game to the next level in any sport. Among the advantages an athlete can benefit from are improve speed and power, develop balance and agility, and help prevent sports related injuries
Generally, to start a trainer will give the athlete pre-program testing to determine speed, agility and power.
Once some baseline numbers and goals are established, the trainer will work with the athlete to set up a program that will improve running technique, speed and power.
Specifically, the athlete may receive an introduction to plyometric training, which can improve jumping and power.
Also in a sport specific program exercises may be used to improve core strength (abdominal and back), sports specific injury prevention, nutritional counseling through a registered dietitian, and drills to improve cutting/lateral movements, quick stops, speed development and jumping power
These programs are especially effective for both male and female high school and college athletes.
For more information, ask for references in the area you live for trainers who provide sports specific training.