Spring training for fitness

Spring training may have just ended for Major League Baseball players, but chances are it’s still going on for weekend warriors – aka amateur athletes and fitness gurus like myself and most others.
In many parts of the country it was a long winter and we may even get hit by a few more cold bursts before April is gone.
But for the most part, it’s on to brighter and warmer days.
With the transition to the warmer seasons, here are four spring training tips for fitness as you go from cold to warm-weather workouts..

Re-assess your fitness wardrobe – Get the extra T-shirts and shorts out of boxes and put away some of the long-sleeve workout shirts and long pants that you won’t need as much.
Check your treads – Just like you may be servicing your lawn mowing equipment, make sure the shoes you use for outdoor sporting activities are still in good working order. Nothing is more important for your workouts than having a good, solid base underneath you.
Revise your workout program – Tweak your winter workout program by adding activities that will help you take advantage of more outdoor exercises.
Be prepared for all weather – In many parts of the country, like the Midwest where I live, the weather can change daily. Be prepared by keeping items like a rain coat, umbrella and sweat-shirt handy in your car if you’re out at a park or ball field so you don’t wind up all wet – and cold.
Remember the little stuff – Items like sun glasses, sun screen and even an extra pair of socks kept in your car or backpack can help you be ready for whatever’s thrown your way. If you get caught in a downpour far from home, it’s a great feeling to have a dry change of clothes available.

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