Study says breaking up cardio workout more beneficial

More is not always better when it comes to cardio workouts.
Instead of doing one epic cardio workout, it’s actually better to break it up into two sessions, according to a new study.
In a recent article in the Journal of Applied Physiology, a University of Tokyo study tracked seven physically active men as they performed three separate cardio exercise trials.
In group A, they did a 60-minute cardio workout, in group B two stints of 30-minute exercise separated by a 20-minute rest period, and in group C they performed no exercise.
Blood samples of each group of men were tested for levels of fatty-acid and hormone levels during both the rest and recovery periods.
The researches found that found the levels of serum-free fatty acids (compounds that are released when stored fat is used) greatly increased during the 20-minute rest period of group B compared with the levels found after the 60-minute workout of group A.
Put another way, the fat metabolism increased when the men took a break in their workout.
To test these effects, next time you’re working out, try doing a short 15-20 cardio workout early on and then perform stretching and/or light strength training and vibration training machine work.
Then go back for a harder second round of cardio on the treadmill, for example, for 20-30 minutes.
This training regimen may also be a nice change to break up your usual routine and should provide a nice energizer for you.
According to the Tokyo researches, it will also help you burn more fat.

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