Ten ways to improve your heart health

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of men — and women. Most women think breast cancer is their top threat, but the hidden signals of heart disease can sneak up on women with deadly consequences.
The good news is that up to one third of deaths due to heart disease are preventable through diet and exercise. Make time for a thorough exam if you haven’t done so in a long time — it will potentially help keep you around longer and also mean another Valentine’s Day with your love.
Countless studies show that healthy eating, along with regular exercise can help improve your heart health.
In keeping with the theme of Valentine’s week and National Heart Month, here are 10 ways to improve heart health:
Get 30 minutes or more of exercise at least three times a week. Make it 45 minutes and five times a week exercising if possible, but anything’s better than just sitting around.
Make exercise fun and you’ll be more likely to keep doing it. Find fun ways to work out, you don’t have to do things that you really dislike.
Schedule time to work out. It’s a priority you owe yourself.
Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and other low-fat foods.
Order healthy on the go – It’s easy to fall way off your diet when eating out, but take the time to find the healthiest options available on restaurant menus.
Get a workout buddy – This will help you exercise more often and stay more motivated.
Make exercising a family affair.
Walk with friends or family in the neighborhood.
Get regular checkups with your doctor.
Set goals – this will help you stay motivated and chart your progress.
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