Three-day-a-week workout for people on the go

It would be wonderful to be able to get a good workout in four or five times a week.
Unfortunately, every day demands such as a job and family often prevent getting that much time for yourself.
What if you can only work out a few times a week at best? You know what, that is better than nothing and if you have a smart program and use your time wisely it can still do a lot of good.
Here’s a three-day workout program that will help you stay fit and trim and even add some muscle. Complete this program within a seven-day period, ideally getting a rest day in between each workout. It can be done, though, on back-to-back days if needed.
Here is my suggested combination of splits for your three-days-are-a-lot-better-than-no-days workout routine. I believe in it so much I’m doing this program myself right now because of a busy work and family schedule.
Day 1 – Chest, back, core exercises and cardio (30-45 minutes)
Day 2 – off
Day 3 – Shoulders, legs, core exercises and cardio (30-45 minutes)
Day 4 – off
Day 5 – Biceps, triceps, core exercises and cardio (30-45 minutes)
Day 6 – off
Day 7 – off
This is a good split workout, but it’s best left up to the individual to decide exactly which exercises they want to do to focus on each body part.
The workouts can go longer if you have more time to do cardio, such as running on the treadmill or using an elliptical machine.
I advise three sets of 8-15 reps for each body part.
You can go for some heavier weight, lower repetitions sets to build muscle and strength.
However, this three-day-week program is designed more for people with limited time who want to maintain their current physique, tone up some or lose weight.
Tomorrow I’ll give an example the lifts I do on my three-day workout plan.

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