Three keys to shopping for a treadmill

Buying a home is the single biggest purchase most Americans will ever make.
And the biggest purchase we will make for our home exercise room is a treadmill.
Treadmills are the single most useful and versatile pieces of equipment in any gym or fitness club and the most sold piece of high end fitness equipment in the U.S.
Because treadmills are so popular there are countless different options out there for consumers to pick from.
Because it’s such a big decision, here are three big things to look for when buying a treadmill:
1. When shopping for a treadmill, it’s very important to remember that this is one area where a consumer truly does get what they pay for.
Don’t under buy your treadmill! If you are really serious about running then the cheap discount department store model will not do the trick for you.
Cheap treadmills are not built for continuous high-speed running, and often aren’t even intended for people weighing over 200 pounds to run on.
Go to a specialty fitness store to try out the high-end models, where you can often still get a really good deal.
2. A person should always try running on a treadmill before buying it.
If you’ve ever run on a treadmill that feels wobbly while visiting another gym or workout facility, or owned one yourself that wasn’t steady, you know how much it takes away from the workout. Many department store treadmills end up as clothes racks, or pushed into the corner of a junk room.
Bring running shoes to the specialty fitness store and try out different treadmills there.
3. Check the warranty! Some treadmills appear to be great deals, but don’t have a warranty to back them up and you’ll be left high and dry in a few years when a mechanical problem occurs.

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