Three top reasons to have your own home gym

When weighing the pros and cons of having your own home gym, or signing up for a gym membership, there are manyy factors to consider.
For many people, the choice becomes obvious why it’s better to be able to exercise at home.
Here are three top reasons to own your own home gym:
1. Convenience – Having your own gym can save you lots of time, from driving to a gym, to waiting in line for equipment and stopping to talk to people. You can use your home gym whenever you want. It’s always open and there’s no reason to have to wait in line for a machine or bench to open up at a club.
2. Cost effective – It’s actually cheaper in the long run to own your own gym. Although it will cost you $500 at the minimum and up to $1,000 or more to get a decent set-up going at your home gym, you will make back your money over the cost of a gym membership (around $600 a year or more) in a matter of just a few years. It’s truly a life-time investment.
3. Freedom – Home gyms allow you to do things your way, with no club rules to follow. You are also spared having to lay on a bench, or sit on a leg extension machine, following “ultra sweaty man.”
Or having to talk to someone whose only social life, other than living in his parent’s basement, seems to be talking to people at the health club.
You can also train the way you want to and not have people watching or coming up to you offer suggestions. The TV and music are also yours to control.
Having a home gym does take discipline because some people have to fight other distractions at home that keep them from working out. That’s an easy to dilemma to deal with, though, just schedule yourself time to get away in your own home to exercise.
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