Tips for Burning Away Fat

If you are looking into purchasing home fitness equipment in Arizona, one of the reasons for your interest is probably because you want to burn off a little fat.  Recent reports have indicated that the level of fitness among American is on the decline, with those with a BMI of 30 or more on the rise.  If you are among this group, or even if you are carrying around only a few extra pounds, you will certainly want to know more about fat burning exercises.

Burning Off the Most Fat

Most people know that cardio workouts are the key to burning fat, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when planning your cardio routine in order to burn the most fat possible.  First, it is important to engage in cardio activities for longer periods of time in order to optimize the amount of fat you burn.  While running a mile in under 8 minutes will give your heart a good workout, an 8 minute sprint isn’t long enough for your body to start breaking into your fat reserves and burning it away.  Therefore, it is best to engage in cardio exercise for 45 to 60 minutes at a time in order to optimize your workout.

You will also increase the amount of fat you burn if you include weight lifting in your routine.  Similarly, you should choose cardio exercises that work out your major muscle groups, as this helps your body use more calories and gives your metabolism a boost.  Therefore, good exercises for those who are trying to burn away fat include walking, running, jogging, swimming , biking and using an elliptical trainer. 

Keeping Your Workout Interesting

The biggest complaint that most people have about cardio workouts is that they become boring.  While it is true that you may become bored if you engage in the same workout every day, there are plenty of great cardio activities for you to select from.  Here is a look at a few of your choices:

· Cycling (on a stationary bike or outdoors)
· Elliptical Workouts
· Hiking
· Indoor Rock Climbing
· Jogging (on or off of a treadmill)
· Martial Arts
· Running (on or off of a treadmill)
· Stair Climbing
· Swimming
· Tennis
· Walking (on or off of a treadmill)
· Weight Lifting

Even working outside in your garden can get your heart pumping and help you burn off fat.  The bottom line is that burning fat requires getting active, so find ways to get more activity into your lifestyle and your body will thank you!