Tips for healthy snacking on the go.

Note: This is the second in a series on diet tips this week
Planning ahead for snacks when you’re on the go can be a smart move.
To help eat more healthy and save money, here are some tips for snacking on the go.
* Bring a variety of snacks to pick from, such as whole wheat crackers, baggies with vegetables, high fiber cereal or granola bars.
* Have ready made snacks on hand that are easy to grab while hustling out the door.
* If there is even a chance you may be out for more than an hour or more, consider packing a cooler.
* Think portable. Have snacks ready that can remain fresh in the summer heat, or be put in a cooler.
* Divide up snacks ahead of time into healthy proportions so they’re ready to go.
Tips for choosing snacks:
* Pick snacks that are high in fiber and vitamins-minerals and low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.
* If you are exercising, choose snacks that are calorie dense such as trail mix, cheese and crackers.
* Use snack bags to limit portion sizes.
* Keep snacking in check. Snacks also contribute to daily calories counts and can add up in a hurry if you snack too much, or snack on unhealthy items.
If you take the time to plan out snacks ahead of time, your body will thank you in the long run. And your wallet will also because it’s usually less expensive to pre-plan snacks.
Also remember to save money by bringing drinks in a cooler such as water bottles and ice tea you brew yourself.

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