Tips for Seniors Interested in Starting a Treadmill Workout

Are you a senior who is interested in getting in shape?  If so, you may be considering purchasing a treadmill.  While a treadmill offers a great way to stay in shape or to improve your level of fitness it is important for you to take steps to avoid one common mistake that is routinely made by seniors:  hanging on to the armrails.

While handing onto the armrails is something that people of all ages have a tendency to do, it is even more of a problem in the senior age group.  This is particularly true for those who are have never worked out on a treadmill, which leads to a lack of confidence.  Seniors are also prone to being worried about maintaining their balance, which is complicated even further by hip replacement surgeries and other types of surgeries that typically befall seniors.

Taking Steps Toward Letting Go

If you are feeling nervous about letting go of the armrails on your treadmill, it is a good idea for you to take things slow and to slowly build up your confidence.  Rather than pushing yourself to walk or run hard, move at a speed at which you can comfortably use the treadmill without hanging on. 

If you are new to using a treadmill, it is essential for you to stay clear of hanging onto the handrails when you first get started.  Once you get yourself in the habit of hanging on, it can be even more difficult for you to let go.  The bottom line is that you should walk normally and naturally while on the treadmill.  This way, you can get the most effective workout from your treadmill while also avoiding the potential of injuring yourself while walking in an unnatural manner.