Tips to beat summer stress: Part I

The mercury is rising and for some people the stress levels can also as temperatures peak in the summer.
To keep your cool, here are five tips to help beat summer stress:
1. Work out regularly – Exercise provides a natural high by releasing endorphins, it’s a great stress reliever and you’ll feel better if you’re in good shape.
Plan your workout accordingly around the summer heat by exercising outdoors early or late in the day. During peak sun hours, exercise on a treadmill or vibration training machine indoors and-or work out with free weights.
2. Drink more water – Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you feel thirsty to start consuming water or sports drinks. Once dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke set in they are tough to treat, but drinking enough fluids ahead of time can help prevent such problems.
If you are well-hydrated you will feel better.
4. Consume fruit – Get natural nutrition and an energy boost with a snack that brightens up your day.
3. Laugh – Laughter really is the best medicine. Even if the heat has you extra stressed, try to find ways to sit back and laugh at the situation you’re in. Get together with friends who make you laugh, or watch a funny movie or comedian.
4. Go swimming – Make time for a swim. It’s a great way to get exercise, cool off and smile.
5. Take a vacation – Take a vacation from every day stresses by doing just that – taking a vacation. You’ve worked hard all year, so enjoy some leisure time.

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