Tips to stay fit on a budget include finding good used equipment

These days many of us are on a budget, but that doesn’t mean your workouts can’t give you top-dollar results.
At Home Fitness has a great selection of used treadmills, elliptical machines and other specialty equipment. You might want to invest in your health with your tax return. Call 888-940-1022 to speak with an At Home Fitness consultant to find out what kind of deals they have on used equipment or stop into one of At Home Fitness’ Arizona superstores. AHF also buys quality used equipment.
Here are some more tips to keep fit on a budget:
* Schedule your home workouts (the dishes can wait), block distractions (turn your ringer off and tell your dear family to give you 30-minutes of uninterrupted time) and turn up your favorite tunes, and get moving.
* Purchase a set of used dumbbells, resistance bands or exercise tubes and a fitness ball to help you shape up.
* Fitness magazines, smart phone apps or looking up exercise tips and demonstrations on your computer can help you stay motivated and creative.
* Yoga mats are affordable and you can purchase gently used yoga DVDs or other genres of exercise DVD’s and by all means trade with friends or see what’s available at your local library.
* Maybe you can even walk to your local library; #walking… so cheap!
* Remember calisthenics from gym class? Jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, wall squats, are all free. * Contact your local recreation center or community center for affordable exercise classes.
* Join your kids or nieces and nephews in a game of kickball or tag, take a family bike ride, go on a brisk walk with Fido, or play some virtual boxing or tennis with your kids gaming devices.
Working out doesn’t always have to mean unplugging from your family it could be a great way to reconnect with your family too. Stop making excuses that you can’t afford a gym membership or that moving the coffee table out of the way is such a pain, because you can make a difference with simple fitness equipment and good old fashioned determination. Focusing on fitness goals is what really counts.

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