Top 10 advantages of using a recumbent bike

There are many different types of exercise bikes, and often the variety makes it difficult for people to decide which is best for them.
For some, a recumbent bike offers many workout possibilities that may not have been possible otherwise. With a recumbent bike, the rider reclines in the seat rather than sitting upright.
Here are my top 10 advantages of using a recumbent bike:
10 – You can entertain yourself while on one by watching TV, listening to music or reading a book that you set on the stand. For people who don’t like to exercise, this can really help pass the time better.
9 – Because they have bucket seats, the seats are much more comfortable than the smaller, harder seats on other bikes, upright exercise bikes and outdoor bicycles.
8 – The added size and comfort of the seat makes them more comfortable for larger, overweight people who want to get into exercising. They don’t have to throw in the towel because the seat is too small.
7 – The seat is also more man friendly as far comfort goes, enough said …
6 – They allow you to get a cardio workout, but are low impact on your knees and other joints compared to many other exercises.
5 – They are so low impact, that they’re even easier on your joints than a traditional upright stationary bike.
4 – They can be used to cross train. Because you’re balanced so well on the comfortable seat, you can easily hold light weights and do upper body exercises while pedaling. This allows you o maximize you strength training and calorie burning.
3 – They are the safest exercise bike, often allowing people with joint pain or lower back pain to still use them. They also prevent you from hunching forward, which is often the case with a regular bike.
2 – They are actually harder to pedal on higher difficulty settings because gravity doesn’t help you as with upright bikes.
1 – Despite the user friendly characteristics, you can still get an excellent cardio workout and strengthen your legs on them.

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