Top five reasons to strengthen your core

People with a strong core – the muscles from the hips to shoulders- are naturally going to look better.
Their posture will be better aligned and most likely they’ll be trimmer than people who don’t pay much attention to fitness.
Did you know there are a number of other examples of why it’s highly beneficial to have a strong core?
Here are the top five reasons it’s important to have a strong core:
1. A younger you – Having a strong core keeps your spine aligned better and as a result there’s less wear and tear on your body.
2. Performance boost – With your body better aligned, you’ll naturally have better balance, agility and strength. Consequently, you’ll feel better in everything you do.
3, Aches and pains go away – Many people who have complained of back pain for years and then gone on a serious workout program that focuses on their core report a drastic drop in pain. That makes complete sense. If your stomach and back muscles are firmer and holding your spine in place better, in a lot of cases it won’t hurt as much.
4. A smarter you – You read that right. Some studies have even shown that a properly aligned spine allows the brain to receive the boy’s signals more clearly.
5. A better looking you – And finally, yes, you will look better with a stronger core. With stronger muscles in your stomach, back an shoulders, your posture will present a much more confident you.
So no more slouching, get to work on tightening up that core today.

On Monday I’ll list some of the best exercises to strengthen your core.

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