Treadmill Week: Entry-level treadmills

The entry-level market for quality home treadmills is led by AFG (Advanced Fitness Group), which is kind of a little brother to Vision Fitness.
Although priced at $1,500 and below, these entry-level treadmills are really not too much of a step down in quality or performance from higher-priced models.
It is rare to find treadmills below $2,000 that offer the quality of AFG.
Among some of the best buys from the company is the AFG AT 3.0. This model has a versatile workout platform that is ready to adapt to your next fitness goal at a price of $1,499. The larger, 2.75 CHP motor provides consistent power, whether it’s a leisurely walk or a full sprint. A full 10 workout programs let you add variety to your workout, while the Polar wireless heart rate receiver and exclusive performance tracking technology give you monitoring options.
Also checking in just below $1,500 is Vision Fitness’ award-winning T9200, one of their company’s most popular treadmills. It utilizes a 2.5 hp digital drive system and a durable 2-ply belt. The workout area is a comfortable 54″ x 20″, and the frame consists of heavy gauge tubing.
AFG offers a number of other entry level treadmills that are worth checking out.
Try these treadmills out in person inside a fitness store if you can and as always shop around, check reviews in magazines and compare warranties.
Some department stores or big box stores may offer treadmills that compare in price, but for quality, durability and warranty coverage if you compare I think you’ll find AFG’s line and Vision Fitness’ T9200 to be the better choices.

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