Treadmill Week: Mid-line treadmills

Just because you don’t have $4,000-5,000 to shell out for a treadmill doesn’t mean you can’t afford to still get a top-quality home treadmill.
When it comes to mid-level treadmills there are some excellent options available for consumers.
One brand that stands out in the mid-line game is Vision Fitness, which is manufactured by Johnson Health Tech.
One of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment in North America, there are numerous options for Vision Fitness treadmills available in the $1,500-3,000 price range.
Just as with high-end treadmills, one of the biggest differences for mid-level models is in which electronic board you pick out.
With Vision Fitness there are simple, deluxe and premier boards available. There is also a model that folds up for easier storage.
For $2,500 and below the Vision 9600 has good components, a three-horsepower motor and big running surface.
It’s very stable and has a clean design that all leads to a good reputation in the industry. The model has won several best buy awards.
The $2,499 T9600 is Vision Fitness’ top-of-the-line home treadmill frame. It incorporates the largest deck and boasts an extra-heavy gauge steel tubing for heavier and taller users. It also has a 3.0 hp Cambridge Motor Works motor with matching 3.0 hp digital drive system to assure smooth, consistent power, even at lower speeds.
Another good one from Vision Fitness is the T9550 Folding Treadmill.
As with premium treadmills, you should still try the mid-levels out in the store by walking and-or running on them. Also, inquire about the warranties. These models listed above will offer better quality and warranties than similar priced department store models.
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