Treadmill Week: What’s the cost of ownership?

Landice Treadmill Store

Landice Treadmill Store

One of the biggest things many people don’t know, or don’t consider when buying a treadmill is the warranty.
Some companies come in cheaper in the price department, but you’ll wind up paying more in the long run because of charges for replacement parts and service.
Make sure you have a good understanding of the warranty of the treadmills you are considering.
Most good warranties cover the treadmill’s parts for five years and come with a free one-year in home labor agreement.
The treadmill’s belt and deck can often wear out in 5-7 years and the charge to fix them can be around $500-600, while a new electronic board can run you $400-500.
Replacement parts – Ask a sales associate how much it will cost for a new belt, or deck for the particular model you’re looking at.
Lifetime warranty – The nearly unanimous No. 1 treadmill company out there is Landice, a family outfit based out of New Jersey. Landice has treadmills available in premium, mid-range and entry level price categories, but all offer excellent quality.
And here’s the best part: Landice offers a lifetime warranty for all parts, including wear and tear.
As one trainer told me: “Landice is flat out the best.”

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