Treadmills are often a better choice than running outside

Just because the weather is getting nicer in many parts of the country does it mean it’s time to forget doing treadmill workouts.
There are still many good reasons to perform some or most of your training on a treadmill rather than running outside.

As far as exercise goes, nothing quite beats getting outside and going for a run on a nice day.
However, even during the summer months there are factors that make running on a treadmill as good or better than running outside.

Weather – When you have a treadmill, you can control the environment. If it’s colder or hotter than you’d prefer outside, or there’s a chance of rain and lightning or high winds, a treadmill allows you to quickly bring your workout inside.

Convenience – If it’s getting dark and you still want to get a run in, just hop on your inside treadmill.

Safety – If traffic is particularly heavy at a certain time of day, or as mentioned above storms are imminent in your area, or it’s later at night, safety fears can be put aside if you run inside on your treadmill. The footing underneath you is also a sure thing on a treadmill as opposed to possible hazards outdoors.

Extras – A treadmill also allows perks such as easier measurements of your exact distance and calories burned than running outside and you can also control your pace and course better. With a treadmill you can program just where the hills are and how the course will be.
Shock absorption for your body is also better on a treadmill than running outside.
And finally, if you don’t like it when seemingly every other car slows down to gawk as you run or walk through the center of town, then privacy won’t be a problem on a treadmill inside your own home.

Spring is here and it’s a great feeling to breathe in the fresh air and catch rays while walking or running outside. But even the warmer months are still a great time to keep using your treadmill often.

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