Treadmills are well worth the investment

There are few major investments a person can make for their home gym that will match the benefits of a treadmill.
Simply put, a treadmill is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for a person looking to stay in shape at home. Winter, spring, summer or fall, it’s always nice to be able to get on a treadmill for a workout in the convenience of your own home.
A treadmill gives you the flexibility to exercise how and when you want. You control the time, temperature, the workout program and the entertainment in the room.
During the summer, I prefer to exercise more outside, but it’s still nice to have the treadmill to jog on if it gets too hot or it’s raining.
Even during periods of ideal outdoor weather, a treadmill is still handy if you get busy during the day, you want to use it at night or you just want to change up your workout. Many people prefer exercising on a treadmill year-round because of the great ways they can customize their run or walk.
Treadmills are one of the easiest ways for a person to get an efficient aerobic workout. Whether you’re trying to get back into shape, begin a new exercise routine, maintain what you have or train for the next level, a treadmill can help take you to your goals.
At Home Fitness has an outstanding selection treadmills to meet your needs. Stop in to one of At Home Fitness’ four superstores in Arizona or shop them online for great deals on treadmills. Here’s a look at some of the award-winning brands AHF carries.
3G CARDIO – The 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill (DC 3.0 hp motor, 20.5×58 belt size, max user weight 350 lbs) retails for $2,499, while the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill sells for $3,999 (DC 4.0 hp motor, 22×62 belt size, max user weight 400 lbs).
Both of these treadmills offer performance and feel of comparable models up to twice their size.
The 3G Cardio design team put the emphasis on a top-quality running and walking experience, rather than lots of fancy entertainment features.
The result is a treadmill that feels like models up to twice the cost when you walk or run on it, but it also has enough entertainment features to give you great workout options and can easily be upgraded wit an iPad.
LANDICE – When it comes to treadmills, one size definitely does not fit all.
There are many variables to consider: how much you’ll use it, how you’ll use it, what style you want, warranty and, of course, price.
For those who want the best of the best in a high-end treadmill, Landice offers several outstanding choices. People might be surprised to learn they can mix and match some even at the elite level. Based on the model and options you choose, the award-winning Landice Treadmills generally sell for between $3,000-$7,000.
Landice offers two different sized frames (L7 and L8) and four different electronic boards (pro trainer, pro sports trainer, cardio trainer and the top of the line executive trainer) to select from.
BH FITNESS — At Home Fitness is an authorized dealer of BH Fitness products both in its Arizona superstores and online.
Two of the BH Fitness Equipment products that really stand out that At Home Fitness is carrying are the BH Fitness TS2 Treadmill (sale price $1,199, save $800) and BH Fitness TS4 Treadmill (sale price $1,799, save $200).
These are excellent treadmills for the price point, combining value and performance. The TS2 has an extra-large blue backlit LCD display and an extra 2 inches of running surface. The folding frame features Safe Drop technology, which helps offer a space-saving solution without sacrificing quality. It has a quiet 2.5 HP DC motor, 20” x 57” running surface and is Polar® wireless HR compatible The TS4 goes up in size with a 22-inch wide commercial running belt on a stylish folding treadmill platform that’s durable and nice looking. It has a quiet 3.0 HP DC motor, 22” x 57” running surface and Polar® wireless HR compatible.
MUCH MORE — At Home Fitness offers many more great treadmill options than are mentioned in this article. Check them out in person or online.

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