Twenty amazing benefits of walking

There aren’t too many better things you could do for yourself today than to take a brisk walk.
The American Heart Association recommends adults get a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio exercise at least three times a week. The good news is that you can split up the 30 minutes each day, too.
Here are 20 reasons to help motivate you to go for that long walk — for 20 minutes or longer:
1 Low impact exercise that people of all ages can do.
2 Helps lower blood pressure
3 Reduces risk of heart attack
4 Strengthens muscles
5 Helps maintain strong bones
6 Can help lower cholesterol
7 You can do it indoors (treadmill) or outside (almost anywhere)
8 Exercise helps improve your mood
9 Can help reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes
10 Reduces stroke risk
11 Women who walk regularly are 45 percent more likely to beat breast cancer
12 Regular exercise helps improve your sex life
13 Improves self-esteem
14 Reduces the risk of some cancers
15 Great social activity with friends
16 Helps you sleep better
17 Exercise can help improve memory
18 Reduces stress
19 It’s free
20 It’s fun

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