Understanding Fitness Terms

If you are planning to put together a great workout plan, it is helpful to understand some of the terminology you will come across in workout magazines and other publications.  That way, you can fully understand how to put together the best workout routine to suit your needs while also being able to effectively communicate with other people within the fitness industry.

Getting Set

There are numerous fitness terms that use the word “set” in one way or another. A set is simply the word used to refer to completing a certain number of repetitions of a certain type of exercise.  For example, you may complete 10 repetitions of an arm curl in order to complete a set, though you may take a break and then do another set afterward.

There are also many different types of sets that you may complete.  For example, an Easy Set refers to an exercise that does not involve putting forth maximum effort.  A warm-up routine, for example, might be referred to as an Easy Set because you are not putting all of your effort into the routine.  A Hard Set, on the other hand, involves using maximum effort and following a certain set routine that involves completing a specific number of repetitions of a certain exercise.  You might also hear the term “Super Set,” which refers to alternating between two different types of exercises.

Changing Temperatures

Before you start your regular routine, you will also want to warm up.  A warm up is a routine that you follow in order to gradually get your body and its muscles ready for your routine.  Usually, a warm up is a toned down version of the actual activity you will be doing, such as taking a jog before you run.  Regardless, a warm up should always include some stretching.

After your regular routine is over, you will also want to engage in a cool down.  A cool down is very similar to the warm up, but the purpose is to gradually relax your muscles in order to avoid cramping.

While you are exercising, you may also feel the burn.  The burn, which results from the lactic acid build up in your muscles, is an actual sensation you may feel while working your muscles.

Repeating the Act

Repetition involves doing the same exercise over and over again, but there is also a workout term referred to as forced repetition.  Forced repetition involves getting help to complete your repetitions because your muscles are no longer able to compete the repetitions on their own.  This term also ties into the phrase of Training to Failure, which involves continuing with a set until you are no longer able to do it without assistance.  Whether or not this is a good way to exercise is a subject of debate, however, so you should consult with an expert before taking on this type of exercise routine.