Upright bike or recumbent bike?

If you are looking to set up a home gym, or expand upon the equipment you already have, it may be a tough decision as to what to add.
Perhaps you know you’d like to get an exercise bike, but are trying to decide between an upright bike and recumbent bike.
Or maybe you’re unsure between purchasing dumbbells, or the new craze many have with kettlebells.
Here are a few tips to help you decide between those choices:
Upright bike or recumbent bike?
We grew up riding on bikes that are basically like upright exercise bikes, with no back support and a great way to work out the legs, especially the quads.
For avid outdoor cyclists, during the cold months they’re the next best thing to riding outdoors.
Upright bikes are also a great way to warm up before a workout, cool down and-or get a cardio workout on.
You get a lot more support from a recumbent bike, which offers a back rest with curved lower-lumbar support and puts more emphasis on the hamstrings.
If you have had any back trouble, a recumbent bike might be the best choice because of its added support. When choosing a stationary bike, comfort is a big key.
For many people who are way overweight a recumbent is a great way to start the process of trimming down. You can get a cardio workout on it without putting much stress on the back and joints.
Dumbbells or Kettlebells?
Dumbbells are much more common and considerably easier to use. They follow a start-stop motion and are excellent for isolating a certain body parts, such as the biceps curl or triceps extension. With a handle directly in line with the wrist, dumbbells are easier to use than a kettlebell that requires training to understand how to perform lifts.
Kettlebells are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. after being imported from Russia, where they’ve long been a staple of people’s workout regimens. A full body motion is used with kettle bells and a great aerobic benefit can also be realized.

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