Using fitness to deal with adversity: golfer gets new lease on game

Whoever said there are no second chances in life never met
Billy E. The 65-year-old Ohio resident has a new lease on his golf game
after getting a new hip in November.
On May 31, Billy showed how far he’s come since the surgery
when he carded a hole-in-one at Maple Hills Golf Course. He hit an
8-iron into the wind to ace the 125-yard No. 6 hole.
“It’s spectacular to be able to play golf with a new hip,” Billy said. “Last summer I
wasn’t getting around too well on the course.
“When you get a hip replacement you never know how things will turn
out, but I’m enjoying life right now — that’s for sure.”
While Billy may be on the back nine of his playing days, he’s
actually recorded all three of his career aces in the last seven years.
“I played 42 years without getting one, and now I have three in
seven,” said Billy, who also fired a hole-in-one in 2002 at Maple Hills
on the same No. 6 hole and added another in 2008 at No. 4 there.
Billy, a retired former executive in the manufacturing business, had the
hip surgery performed in the Columbus area and credits the staff at
a rehab clinic for aiding his rehabilitation.
“I can’t thank the trainers who worked with me enough for
helping me,” Billy said. “I’m a regular on their hip-flex machine and I also like the elliptical and exercise bike. I wouldn’t have thought this possible, but I’m so glad I go the procedure done. My overall health has improved, too since I’ve started working out.”
A member at Maple Hills, Billy said he’s about a seven- or eight-
“I’m playing way more golf than I ever did before I retired,” Billy
And he’s certainly making the most of his time on the links.

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