Ways to improve your workout: Part I

Those of us who are regulars in the gym are always looking for an edge. Ways to get even stronger, run faster or jump higher.
If you are willing to put in the time, you will notice good results. But to truly reach your peak level, it will take smarts to go with hard work.
Oftentimes, the little things are what separate the truly elite from the pretty good.
If you regularly go to the gym, first off congratulations. You’re already well ahead of the curve. That being said, there are still ways to you can perform even better.
To help reach your peak, here’s my first in a two-part series on ways to improve your workout:
1. Drink enough liquids – The fastest way to come up short on energy or feel tired too quickly is when you’re not properly hydrated. Drinking water is the most natural way to replace fluids lost by sweating, but energy drinks and other options are good, too.
2. Pre-plan – You wouldn’t drive off for a long road trip without charting your course first. The same should go for your workout – plan ahead what you want to accomplish in the gym and how you want to get there.
Writing up a workout program helps you set a plan and saves time in the gym wasted wondering what am I going to do next.
3. Keep a workout log – Chart that workout course as you go along, but know it’s Ok to make some changes on the fly. A workout log will help you stay more motivated and goal-oriented.
4. Change things up- If you tweak the kinds of exercises you do and change the intensity and number of repetitions, it can help to avoid being stuck in plateaus.
5. Get the jump – Incorporate jumping exercises, from things as simple as jumping rope and box jumps (on and off a box or sturdy bench) to more advance plyometric drills.
These are a great way to make you more explosive.

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