What’s new for the Holidays? Three high-tech fitness ideas

There aren’t too many more practical holiday presents than giving the gift of fitness.
Whether you’re buying for someone else or yourself, a gift of fitness equipment is one that can be appreciated and useful every day of the year.
Here’s the lowdown on three of the latest high-tech pieces of fitness equipment that are really worth checking out:
* Octane Q47 Elliptical – This machine has a realistic running motion and adjustable stride. It has great versatility. In one example I was told about, a husband is 6-foot-7 and the wife 5-8 and they both used it thanks to the adjustable stride. This machine is rated for someone up to 300 pounds in weight, but we’ve seen even heavier people use it with no problems. That also speaks to the durability of the Q47. It’s also rated to be very forgiving on people’s knees. At a price of around $3,700, it’s well worth it for a top of the line piece of equipment.
* Torque F7 Folding Functional Trainer – With folding doors and a smooth feel this is an amazing home gym. It takes up very little space when stored, but unwraps to deliver a three-dimensional motion trainer that will work out your body the way it moves in everyday life. There are really just about an infinite number of exercise possibilities with the dual weight stacks and swivel pulleys and bars. It’s one of the best buys you can make for a home gym under $3,500.
* Vision Fitness 7100 Elliptical – An adjustable incline and challenging levels make the VF 7100 another one of the top ellipticals on the market today. There are countless workouts you can program into this elliptical, which like the Q47 is also rated high for durability and user friendliness.

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