What’s your resolution going to be?

There are just four days left until 2010!
It’s hard to believe how fast not only this year, but the entire decade has flown by.
This time of year makes a lot of people do a lot of reflecting. It’s time to look back, but more importantly look ahead. What kind of person do you want to be in the coming year?
Statistics show that more than half of Americans will make a New Year’s Resolution and the vast majority have declared one at some point in their lives.
This week is the time to plan ahead a little and make that resolution.
Here are 22 of the most common New Year’s resolutions as listed by Wikipedia:

Pursue a Satisfying and Fulfilling Career
Lose weight
Get out of debt
Become more organized
Maintain a diary
Save money
Improve grades
Get a better job
Get fit
Eat right
Get a better education
Drink less alcohol
Quit smoking
Reduce stress
Take a trip
Volunteer to help others
Be less grumpy
Be more independent
Learn something new (such as a foreign language or music)
Try to get up early in the morning
Time management
Help the poor

Wow, that’s a lot to think about. And there’s no rule that you can’t make more than one resolution.
Not too many people keep their resolutions, though. In fact, it’s believed to be less than 5 percent that succeed.
Keep following this blog in the coming days to find tips about how to make your resolutions stick, especially when it comes to fitness.

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