Why keeping workout records is a must

One of the most important things you can do to stay physically fit is write about it.
No, I’m not talking about typing an exercise column, or a blog like this.
I’m talking about something much simpler – keep a detailed workout log.
There are three main reasons that keeping a record of your exercise activities is important:

Road map
Any exercise you do is going to be helpful. You could still be in excellent physical shape if you work out regularly and eat healthy without keeping a workout log.
However, writing down your workout history will greatly enhance the experience and results.
Without a training journal your workouts will be unorganized and you will not have a clear understanding of how much progress you’re making. It’s almost like driving a car in an unfamiliar area without a road map.
If you write the results down after each workout it will give you a clear indicator after a week, month or even years where you were at during any given period.
Should you happen to suffer an injury, you will also have a record of when it happened, what led up to it and can chart your rehab process.

You will know what your personal records are and how consistently you trained with a workout log.
A workout log opens up all kinds of possibilities for goal-setting.
You can try to improve the amount of weights lifted or reps, distance biked, time spent doing cardio, or speeds on the treadmill.
The log will also show how consistent you are and you can grade a week or month at a time. You may be satisfied with a perfect week of no missed workouts, or realize that exercising needs to become more of a priority.

Motivating factor
One person who I’ve worked out with many times said the best thing he likes about recording workouts is the “motivation factor.”
“I don’t want to look in my notebook and see that I skipped several days days, or that I had bad workouts,” he said. “When it’s right there, written down, it’s a constant reminder.”
When workouts are going good, seeing a training journal with a workout record you’re proud of is one of the best rewards there is – right up there with looking at the results in the mirror and getting compliments from others.

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