You’re never too old for strength training exercises

Did you know a person is never too old to perform strength training exercises?

Frequent exercise including strength training is recommended for independent, active and healthy aging, according to well-respected organizations such as the A.A.R.P., the National Institute on Aging and  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some senior citizens might think the time for them to lift weights has long since passed, but that’s far from the case.

It’s recommended that adults – even seniors – perform strength training exercises two-three times per week.

Cardio exercise is also a must. People can gain major health benefits from as little as 15  minutes of moderate cardio exercise on a daily basis. Thirty minutes of an easy to moderate cardio workout each day is the ideal level. Here’s even more encouraging news – the cardio  exercises can be broken up during the day, such as a brisk walk in morning or a bike ride or swim later in the day.



Exercise programs for seniors are obviously modified considerably from what younger generations are doing in the gym.

Senior strength training can help people of any age increase muscle strength, strengthen bones, fight off and-or delay the effects of arthritis, and  improve balance and mobility. Regular exercise is also important to help  maintain strong heart function and a healthy weight.

Seniors should consult with a physician before beginning an exercise program. It would also be highly beneficial for seniors to exercise as part of a group or class, to help with motivation, to make sure they’re using the right techniques  and, of course, to enjoy the social aspect of exercising).

My basic advice is to perform low-impact cardio exercises that are easy on your joints. Start slowly before increasing duration and resistance. Start with 5 minute cardio  workouts and slowly progress to 15 minutes or more if you can.
Pick from the following: Treadmill, walk on track, exercise bike, pool  workout, yard work, etc.

Basically, exercise can delay the aging process to a large degree in many  people and if seniors find a program they enjoy it can actually be fun. What are  you waiting for seniors – get back into the gym!

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