25 snack ideas under 50 calories

Note: This is the fourth in a series on diet tips this week
Who says you can’t snack without feeling guilty. Nutritionists recommend that people eat 4-6 smaller meals during the course of a day instead of one or two real big ones.
To help you bridge the gap between breakfast, lunch and dinner, here are 25 snack ideas under 50 calories:
Watermelon, 1 cup
Green beans, 1 cup
Grapefruit half
Raisins, on small packet
Bagel, plain 1/2 medium (1 oz.)
Bread, wheat 1 slice
Apple, half
Pineapple, 1 slice
Air-popped pop corn, 1 cup
10 grapes
10 cherries
Cornbread 1/2 piece (1 oz.)
English muffin 1/2 medium
Muffin, blueberry 1/2 (1 oz.)
Muffin, bran 1/2 (1 oz.)
Oatmeal, cooked 1/2 cup
Granola, low-fat 1/4 cup
Raisin Bran, 1/4 cup
Animal crackers, plain 6
Animal crackers, iced 3
Graham crackers 1 sheet
This gives you an idea what the calorie count is on popular snack items. Keep them stocked so that when you are hungry you can reach for one of these healthy, low-cal snack ideas.

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