Dealing with Problematic People at the Gym

Have you ever noticed that there are many annoying people at the gym?  In fact, there are so many irritating people at the gym sometimes that it is no wonder so many people are against going to the gym to get a workout.  If you feel the same way, it is probably about time for you to purchase some home fitness equipment so you can avoid having to spend time with unsavory people at the gym.

The Pretty Crowd

One group of people that can make your gym experience less enjoyable are the “pretty people.”  These are the people who spend a great deal of time on the piece of equipment without really working up a sweat.  They may walk slowly on the treadmill as they check out people of the opposite sex, but they don’t seem to really be there in an effort to get an actual workout.  Instead, they tie up the machine so you never get a chance to use it.

The Socializer

The socializer is similar to the members of the pretty crowd.  The socializer will also tie up a machine for a long period of time, but will spend all of his or her time chit chatting with a friend that is own the next machine.  Sometimes, members of the socializer crowd don’t workout at all.  Instead, they just sit around on the benches and the machines – which still makes them impossible to use – while carrying on their conversations.  These people seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that others might be wanting to use the machine they are using as a chair.

The Hog

Another group of gym members is the hog.  The hog is a serious workout fanatic, but he or she never wants to give up the machine so other people can use it.  These people hang towels on the machine even when they leave it to attend to other parts of their routine before returning to the machine to complete their sets.   The hog has to learn how to share the machine so everyone can get in his or her workout, but that never seems to happen.

The Slob

Although everyone is sweating at the gym and a little bit of odor is to be expected, there are some people that go to the gym that seem to take the problem to the next level.  Those with poor hygiene can make your gym experience particularly unbearable.  Members of the hog group may also have problems with wiping down equipment after they use it, leaving you to have to wipe off their sweat for them.

If you don’t want to have to deal with any of these groups of people, you might want to seriously consider setting up a home gym.  That way, the only people you have to deal with are your family members and those you invite to use your equipment.

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