Elliptical machine vs. treadmill: Which one burns more calories?

For a top-quality cardio workout that will burn the most calories, in many cases people rate the elliptical over the treadmill.
Because ellipticals give a thorough, complete-body workout for the upper and lower body simultaneously, the heart rate elevates quickly.
Consequently, the entire body is being worked and less time is required to achieve more results.
If you walk or only lightly jog on a treadmill, it will take you considerably longer to burn as many calories as on an elliptical machine.
However, if you run at a fast rate on a treadmill, that requires a great deal of energy and the calorie burn is just about the same.
If you prefer to do low-impact cardio workouts, an elliptical machine will be more beneficial in many instances.
However, if you prefer to run, then a treadmill is the better choice.
And what really burns the most calories over the long run for some people is making sure you buy a piece of equipment you like enough to use consistently.
The best advice I can give is to try out both machines before making a decision. Bring your running shoes to a specialty fitness store, such as At Home Fitness, and give both machines a thorough tryout.

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