ElliptiGO bike review – Try it, you will like it

ElliptiGO Elliptical Bike

ElliptiGO Elliptical Bike

I saw two people riding around a city block recently on something that looked like a bike, but operated unlike any other bike I’d ever seen.
As they came toward me, I yelled, “What are you riding?”
They slowed down a little from a clearly fun workout they were having long enough to tell me “ElliptiGO” as they whizzed by.
ElliptiGO, huh?
If you’ve ever seen one of these bikes, I’m pretty sure you did a double take the first time as well.
After going to a fitness store and taking a test drive myself, I’m hooked.
The ElliptiGO bike is the brainchild of former Ironman triathlete Bryan Pate, who designed the eight-speed bike to help runners avoid beating up their bodies through repeated impact.
It’s an outdoor bike that’s a cross between an elliptical trainer and a bicycle.
Instead of being stuck in a room on a the traditional elliptical, you take a similar motion outdoors to get a running experience like never before.
The ElliptiGO’s pedals move in a forward motion that’s very similar to a runner’s stride, but minus the hard impact from bouncing up and down on the road or track.
Made of sturdy, but lightweight material, the ElliptiGO weights 40 pounds. The bike retails for around $2,199.
Pate, a former cyclist and triathlete who suffered hip and knee injuries, said the ElliptiGO is a low-impact, high-output, cross-training bike that combines running and cycling.
He said the eight-speed bike is meant to help runners avoid beating up their bodies through repeated impact. It’s designed to position riders “out of the saddle” and using their weight to generate torque with every stride.
Riders can cruise at about 15-25 mph depending on how strong they are.
Hand levers that connect to rim brakes on the front and rear wheels help you slow down or stop.
I truly recommend trying the ElliptiGO. It will be a great way to cross train – and you’ll likely become the hit of your block if you get one. For more on the ElliptiGO stop in at At Home Fitness in Arizona. or visit their website.

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