Enjoy High-Quality and Low Cost with the Lifecore 985vg Elliptical Trainer

Are you looking for a high-quality elliptical trainer that can easily fit your budget?  When it comes to finding the best all-around buy, the Lifecore 985vg received “best buy” honors from a national consumer reporting agency – and for good reason!

With a price tag of less than $1,000 when you purchase it from AtHomeFitness.com, the Lifecore 985vg is both economical and effective.  In fact, this machine combines all of the best qualities of the LC980 and the LC980 in order to offer you the best possible workout without carrying a hefty price tag.

With the Lifecore 985vg, you receive a number of attractive features.  For example, the machine comes with 12 preset programs to help you vary your workout routine.  Not only does this help to stave off boredom, it also guarantees that you hit a variety of different muscles and get the best workout possible from your weekly routine. 

The Lifecore 985vg also features 4 polar compatible heart rate control programs, which makes it possible for you to individualize the programs to best meet the needs of individual users.  To further assist in this area, the Lifecore 985vg elliptical trainer can also store information for up to 9 different users.  Along with individualized user information, the machine also displays the current time, date and temperature as well.

Another perk to the Lifecore 985vg elliptical trainer is the fact that it weighs only 123 pounds and has oversized transportation wheels, which means it can be easily rolled to wherever it needs to be placed.  In addition, it is smaller than most other ellipticals on the market, which means it can more easily be fit into your home gym.  Despite its smaller size, the machine is a good option for people of all sizes. 

The bottom line is clear:  if you are looking for an affordable elliptical machine that is easy to move and provides you with a variety of workout options, the Lifecore 985vg is the elliptical trainer for you!