The Fit Five: Great gift ideas for under $100

The rush is on to find Christmas presents that family, friends and co-workers will like and that won’t break your bank.

Here are five fitness gifts priced under $100 that may help you get that special someone a Christmas present they’ll really enjoy. Shop online at or in the At Home Fitness superstores.

1. EKHO FiT28 Unisex Heart Rate Monitor ($99.95 through – If there is a feature on here it doesn’t have, then it’s a feature you don’t need for your work-out. Do you want to waste time messing around with a GPS? Do you want to waste time setting your altimeter? Do you want to run home, turn on your computer and download data? Or do you want to work out?

2. Ekho Three Pedometer ($18.95, AHF) – The EKHO THREE Pedometer tracks steps and multiplies them by your stride length to calculate the number of miles you traveled.

3. Dr. Hoys Pain Relief Gel 8oz ($26.99, AHF) – DOCTOR HOY’S can aid in the relaxation of muscles prior to and after physical activity. Because menthol leads to an increase in blood circulation and oxygen flow, applying the product can be very beneficial in many situations. For example, when muscles contract, the cells within the muscle use more oxygen and produce more waste products. An increase in blood circulation aided by DOCTOR HOY’S will allow the muscles to get the needed oxygen

4. GoFit Core Disk ($24.99, AHF) – The core disk is an excellent way to add a new level of difficulty to your workout. The soft disk can utilized in pilates, yoga or regular workouts to work your core muscles, increase balance and stability. Comes with a Core Performance training DVD to optimize your knowledge of the product and exercises.

5. Smartweight Power Tube, 10 LB.($13.99) – Has contoured handles, door connector and exercise poster to help you perform a variety of stretches and exercises.

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