Let At Home Fitness be trainer for your training equipment

Fitness Equipment Tune-Up


If you’re a competitive athlete gearing up for a road race, triathlon, or upcoming varsity season, or even one that just loves pickup softball or basketball, you’ve inevitably at some point encountered achy muscles or creaky joints after the wear and tear of training. We usually remedy these with ice packs, ibuprofen, or even a trip to the trainer.

Sometimes, even your fitness equipment needs attention after putting lots of good workouts in. At Home Fitness is there to be the trainer for your training equipment, with the best Fitness Equipment Repair and Service in Arizona.

At Home Fitness is known as the place to go in Arizona to buy specialty fitness equipment, both new and used. The list of items you can buy at At Home Fitness to build endurance and strength goes on and on — recumbent bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, vibration machines, home gyms, rowing machines and much more. Whatever you need to amp up your workout can be found in one of At Home Fitness’ four superstores in Scottsdale, Desert Ridge, Ahwatukee and Gilbert.

What makes At Home Fitness Arizona’s leader in fitness equipment is that not only will they sell you machines, they’ll repair them for you as well. At Home Fitness’ highly skilled technicians are there to help with repairs, installations, preventative maintenance, assembly and storage. In fact, they’ll help you even if you didn’t buy your machine at At Home Fitness.

For fitness and exercise equipment repair and service in Arizona, turn to the pros at at At Home Fitness. At Home Fitness does all work and maintenance with its own employees. There’s no subcontracting to an outside handyman. The individual that comes to fix your machine — or give your home gym its own strength test and tuneup — is a member of the At Home Fitness team. That’s how you know the fitness equipment repair and service will be done right and before you know it, your treadmill will literally be up and running again.

So the next time you’re thinking about buying new fitness equipment, or think that your equipment needs to see a specialist to avoid a stint on the disabled list, contact the trained professionals at At Home Fitness.

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