Octane Fitness keeps on proving why it’s leader for ellipticals

The award-winning Octane Fitness Q47c Elliptical sells for $4,199 MSRP, but is available for $3,799 at At Home Fitness.

When it comes to Elliptical Machines, anyone looking for fitness equipment for their home, office or commercial gym needs to check out Octane Fitness.
It’s the No. 1 selling elliptical machine for a variety of reasons.
Octane Fitness boasts of its brand of elliptical machine, “ it delivers exceptional workouts that are efficient and effective – like the combined cardio and strength routines in CROSS CiRCUIT; the total-body, low-impact conditioning of the xRide seated elliptical; and exclusive workout boosters like X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster that catapult conditioning to a new level. Test-ride an Octane elliptical and see why it’s ranked at the top year after year; then enjoy the ultimate return on your investment.”
Having tried many brands of Elliptical Machines, there are some worthy competitors but you owe it to yourself to test drive an Octane Fitness model to judge for yourself.
And Octane Fitness keeps pushing the envelope, highlighted by the unveiling of its New LateralX, which was named Best Elliptical by Health Club Industry magazine in its 10th annual Best of the Best issue.
For standing ellipticals, Octane Fitness features:
Seated Ellipticals are:
At Home Fitness is proud to carry a full lineup of Octane Fitness machines and their highly trained sales staff can assist in determining which model is right for you.

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