Plan a winning pre-run stratgey

Just like there’s pregame strategy involved in sports such as football and basketball, there are some moves a runner can make that will help them have a more successful day.
Take a little time to think about where you’re going to go and how you’re going to prepare.
Here are five pre-run tips to consider:
* Follow the 10-minute rule – Warm up for 10 minutes before starting your running program with a walk or very light jog and stretching. Give the same amount of time for a cool down.
* Follow the two-hour rule – After a full meal, wait two hours before going for run to allow ample time for digestion.
* Keep a log – Write down a record of your running workout and track mileage by either wearing a pedometer or driving the course and checking your speedometer. This will help you as a motivational tool and to set goals.
* Check your treads – Just like it’s important for a car to have good tires, so too should a runner have proper shoes. Make sure you have good running footwear and expect to need a new pair of shoes about every 400-500 miles.
* Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes with moisture wicking material.

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