Ride elliptical right onto street with ElliptiGO

It doesn’t take much imagination for people working out inside on a treadmill or exercise bike to picture themselves taking the workout machine outdoors.
But riding an elliptical out into the fresh air, that was an unlikely daydream until the creator of the ElliptiGO came along.
The ElliptiGO was designed by former Ironman triathlete Bryan Pate, who built an eight-speed bike that’s also half elliptical and even combines facets of jogging. How cool is that?
It’s one of the most exciting outdoor fitness innovations to come along in many years and ElliptiGOs are starting to pop up everywhere.
The idea of the ElliptiGO is to help runners get a great outdoor workout, but also avoid beating up their bodies through repeated impact.
The ElliptiGO has components found on a standard bike, such as handle bars, gear shifters and brakes that are at your fingertips. It allows for an upright riding position to give you many of the same freedoms of movement and vision of running, while it mimics the elliptical trainer with its adjustable stride length and wide foot.
The ElliptiGO’s pedals move in a forward motion that’s very similar to a runner’s stride, but minus the hard impact from bouncing up and down on the road or track.
Made of sturdy, but lightweight material, the ElliptiGO weights 40 pounds. The bike retails for around $2,199.
Pate, a former cyclist and triathlete who suffered hip and knee injuries, said the ElliptiGO is a low-impact, high-output, cross-training bike that combines running and cycling.
If you are an exercise and outdoors enthusiast, check out an ElliptiGO right away by taking one for a test drive and see what all the hype is about. At Home Fitness in Arizona is a leading distributor of ElliptiGO and you can visit their website for more information: www.athomefitness.com

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