Seven last-minute fitness gifts between $100-$1,000

The rush of the holiday season leaves lots of us in a doubly tight pinch: Short on time and ideas.
Fear not because today I have seven last-minute fitness gifts between $100-$1,000 that may help you get that special someone a Christmas present they’ll really enjoy.
1. LifeSpan TR800 Treadmill ($895 through, save $104) – The TR800 folding treadmill is intuitive and simple to operate. It’s space-friendly and fits nicely into a home. The console features soft touch buttons so you can quickly select an exercise program or just press Start to begin exercising. Exercise programs are designed to help you achieve your goals for Weight Management, Healthy Living, Sports Training or Heart Rate Control. Convenient controls on the large handlebars let you adjust your speed and incline, and monitor your heart rate. Folding and unfolding the TR800 is easy due to the hydraulic system that safely and gently lowers the treadmill to the ground.
2. Vision Fitness X20 Elliptical ($999, through AHF) – The Vision Fitness X20 elliptical trainer is one of the most eagerly awaited products to hit the market in a very long time. While Vision Fitness has always been known to create exceptional products, there were those who said a $1000 elliptical could not be considered a “high end” machine. They were wrong and Vision Fitness has done it!
3. LifeCore Fitness LC985vg Elliptical (sale price $799, save $400 through AHF) – The LifeCore Fitness LC985vg Elliptical is a combination of the LC980 and the LC990, combining some of the best features of both models while keeping the price in the mid-range. LifeCore Fitness has truly made a remarkable machine, engineering one of the most compact and fluid ellipticals in the market today.
4. Bosu Ball Professional ($154.99 through AHF) – The Professional version of the Bosu Ball has an upgraded quality from the Home Version. With a heavier grade material on both the ball and the frame, the Bosu Ball Professional version will stand up to the harshest of environments and look great in the process. Neuromuscular physiology, which helps to define human movement, provides the science that backs this remarkably complete approach to training
5. Dr. Hoys Pain Relief Gel 64oz ($174.99) – Get 64 ounces of the award winning gel. Great for commercial environments. DOCTOR HOY’S can aid in the relaxation of muscles prior to and after physical activity. Because menthol leads to an increase in blood circulation and oxygen flow, applying the product can be very beneficial in many situations. For example, when muscles contract, the cells within the muscle use more oxygen and produce more waste products
6. Massages for a year (price varies, ask for discounts for multiple massage purchase from a reputable practitioner or salon) – Anyone who’s ever had a massage from a licensed professional can attest to how great they can make you feel, and also help limber you up to work out better. I can’t think of a much better gift than to give someone you love “Massages for a year” by getting them gift certificates for 12 massages in 2011. Or, if that’s too pricey, get them certificates for something like two, four or six massages in the coming year.
7. AHF Gift Cards (get whatever $$$ you want) – Check out for the present that can never go wrong – gift cards.

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