ElliptiGO 8C


At its core, the ElliptiGO 8C is a fitness device that emulates running outdoors without the associated impact. Many different names for the product have emerged recently, including elliptical exercise cycle, stand-up bike, mobile elliptical trainer, mobile cross-trainer, and outdoor elliptical trainer. Visit one of our four Arizona retail stores today to test ride an ElliptiGO!

Wheelbase: 54″ (137 cm) Stride length: 16 – 25″ (41 – 64 cm)
Operating height: 50 – 57″ (127 – 147 cm) Weight: 40 pounds
Cruising Speed:
15 mph (24 kph) Sprinting Speed:
23+ mph (37+ kph)
Total Length: 75″ (190.5 cm)


Frame: 7005-T6 aluminum Track System: Integral with modular inserts (pat. pending)
Propulsion System: Patented Elliptidrive technology Drive arms: Multi-Modulus Carbon Fiber Monocoque
Headset: 1.5″ threadless Fork: 20″ double butted chro-moly with 1.5″ seerer tube
Steering Column: Custom Forged 6061-T6 aluminum, folding with patent pending roto-lock safety technology Steering Extender: Telescopically adjustable height with anti-rotation indexing
Stem: 120mm x 7 deg. Cranks: Custom Forged 7075 T-6 aluminum with Variable Stride Length (VSL) Technology (pat. pending)
Front and Rear Brakes: Linear Pull Brake Levers: MTB
Grips: Ergonomic MTB Handlebar:
Aluminum MTB riser, 50mm rise, 670mm wide
Shifter: Shimano Alfine SL-S500 trigger-shifter Hub: Shimano Alfine SG-S5018-speed, internally geared (307% range)
Front Wheel: 20″ aluminum aero profile rim, 28-spoke, radial Rear Wheel: 20″ aluminum aero profile rim, 32-spoke, left- 0X, right -2X
53-tooth 7075-T6 aluminum Tires: 20″ x 1.5″ 60TPI, 100-psi
Sprocket: Shimano 16-tooth Bottom Bracket: Isis Drive

So what’s an elliptical bicycle?

At its core, the ElliptiGO 8C is a fitness device that emulates running outdoors without the associated impact. Many different names for the product have emerged recently, including elliptical exercise cycle, stand-up bike, mobile elliptical trainer, mobile cross-trainer, and outdoor elliptical trainer. Regardless of the moniker, there are four fundamental attributes of an elliptical bicycle:

1. It is used outdoors

2. It has two wheels

3. It is propelled by an elliptical motion that emulates running

4. It performs similarly to a conventional road bike in terms of speed and handling

Elliptical bikes enable people to take low-impact weight-bearing exercise outdoors. Studies show that people tend to exercise longer, more intensely, and more consistently when they are able to do so outdoors. As a result, elliptical bikes provide people with a great way to get fit and stay active for years to come.

What’s wrong with the conventional bicycle?
There’s nothing wrong with the bicycle. It’s a great vehicle. In fact, every member of our company has spent a lot of time on a bicycle. The two founders are former Ironman triathletes (a race that includes a 112-mile bicycling portion) and our employees include former professional road and track bike racers and competitive triathletes. We are not tying to recreate or change the bicycle – far from it. In fact, what we’ve created isn’t actually a bicycle, it’s a pedal-driven scooter. If it were at all easy to say “elliptical pedal-driven scooter” we’d call it that. We’ve simply chosen the term bicycle out of convenience, but we’re the first to admit that the ElliptiGO is not a bicycle. More importantly, the ElliptiGO is a solution made by runners, for runners. Our goal is to re-create running outdoors without the impact. As any runner will tell you, bicycles don’t do that for a number of reasons.

First of all, the cycling position is very different from the running position. Cyclists ride seated with their upper torso hunched forward so they can reach the handlebars. Runners exercise in a much more upright position. Secondly, the cycling propulsion motion is very different from the running motion. Cyclists pedal in a circle while runners take long elliptical strides. Finally, the overall experience is different. The cycling position facilitates resting, but can make it challenging to keep the head up, which results in many cyclists spending a lot of their time staring at the ground a few feet in front of their own front wheel. A runner’s head is in a relaxed position that enables the runner to more comfortably absorb his environment visually and appreciate his surroundings. Cycling and running both have their good points and bad points, but we believe that they are significantly different, and the ElliptiGO is designed to deliver an experience that is much closer to running than to cycling.

That said, the ElliptiGO 8C would not have come into existence if we had been able to find a comfortable bicycle saddle. After thousands of miles of cycling, professional fittings, and trying out a wide variety of seats, we concluded that bike seats are just uncomfortable for some people. Accepting the fact that our nether regions were going to go numb every time we worked out just stopped making sense after awhile – especially since we don’t have kids yet. Layer on top of that the lower back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by the hunched over riding position and the need to come up with a low-impact alternative to cycling seemed pretty obvious. Turns out we weren’t alone. Well over half of the 1,500 cyclists we’ve surveyed have indicated that the pain caused by the seat and riding position is a drawback to cycling. Elliptical bikes eliminate the pain from the seat and riding position. We think that’s a good thing.

How can you ride a bike without a seat?
People often ask us how it’s possible to ride a bicycle without a seat. Fortunately, it’s easy to ride an elliptical cycle because it turns out that people are able to balance quite well when standing. Think about the last time you were riding a bike over some kind of obstacle – train tracks, potholes, speed bumps – chances are you stood up on the pedals to improve your balance when crossing the obstacle. Basically, the elliptical bike rider is in that well-balanced position the entire time.

In addition, the need to rest on a seat while exercising is something of a myth. People run marathons without sitting; people hike for hours on end without sitting; and almost everyone finds themselves walking and standing for long periods of time fairly frequently. Just think about the last time you were at the mall, or Disneyland, or sightseeing. Riding an elliptical bike is basically like walking, hiking, or running. You can comfortably do it for hours, and as you’ll see on the “Epic Rides” pages, we’ve tested our theory and found that there is no substantive difference in the amount of time we can ride the ElliptiGO versus how long we could walk, run, or ride a bike.

A few answers for your frequently asked questions


Operating the ElliptiGO 8C

Getting Started

Handling and Performance




Purchasing and Warranty Information

How Does it Compare to other exercises?

Operating the Elliptigo 8C

Getting started

How easy is it to get on?
We’ve found that very few people are unable to ride the ElliptiGO 8C the first time they get on it. Like anything new and different, it takes some getting used to, but it’s easy to ride and more stable than it looks. Click here to hear what customers like you think about riding the ElliptiGO.

How easy is it to balance?
We’ve found that the ElliptiGO 8C requires about the same amount of balance as is required when riding a bicycle or scooter. Click here to watch a video of customers talking about what it’s like to ride the ElliptiGO 8C.

How long does it take to get comfortable on it?
We’ve found that most people get comfortable on the ElliptiGO 8C within 5 minutes of riding it and many within 30 seconds. Click here to watch a video of customers talking about what it’s like to ride the ElliptiGO 8C.

Is it easy to ride in urban or high-traffic areas?
Riding an ElliptiGO 8C is very similar to riding a bicycle in high-traffic areas. The advantage that the ElliptiGO 8C has over a tradititional bicycle is that the rider has an elevated line of sight and his whole body is visible, making him easier to see for pedestrians, drivers and other cyclists.

How does the braking system work?
The braking system consists of hand levers that actuate rim brakes on the front and rear wheels. These operate very similar to standard brakes on a mountain bike.

How many speeds are there?
The 8C has 8 speeds, all contained in the rear hub. The rider can change gears by using a “trigger shifter” located on the handlebars. The bike does not need to be in motion to change gears.

What type of footwear is recommended when riding the ElliptiGO 8C?
The ElliptiGO can be ridden using almost any closed-toed shoe that does not have a high-heel. We recommend running shoes for workout rides, mostly because they are comfortable and tend to breathe well.

Can multiple people use the same bike?
One of the nice features that the elliptical bike retains from the indoor elliptical trainer is that people of different sizes can use the same machine with little or no adjustment. Unlike bicycles, where the seat and frame have to be set differently for riders of different body configurations, most people will be able to ride the ElliptiGO comfortably for a test ride without any adjustment at all. For longer rides, the ElliptiGO can be quickly adjusted to provide an optimal experience for the rider. The height of the handlebars and their distance away from the rider can be adjusted, as can the stride length and foot position. However, the frame itself remains the same, enabling riders of drastically different sizes to share the same bike.

Maximum Weight: 250 lbs.
Suitable Height Range: 5’0″ to 6’6″

What’s the best way to adjust it to fit me?
Probably the best way to adjust it for a particular person is to get the person on the 8C and look at his posture. If he is too hunched over, raise the handlebars. If he is reaching too far forward, rotate the handlebars back. If the stride length is too long, shorten it. What you’ll find is that there is a wide range of potentially comfortable configurations for any one rider and finding the optimal riding configuration can be done pretty quickly.

Click below to see a video of how to adjust the ElliptiGO for your first ride.
Adjusting the handlebars
Changing the stride length

Handling and performance

How does it do climbing hills?
The ElliptiGO 8C is a great climbing machine, mostly because the whole system is designed for the rider to be “out of the saddle” and use his weight to power the with every stride. In fact, climbing is probably the best thing an elliptical bike does. Because the ElliptiGO 8C has eight speeds, the rider can select a gear that enables him or her to climb hills comfortably. We typically include a steep hill climb in any ride we do. Climbing’s tough – but it’s a great workout. Click here to see a video of how well the ElliptiGO performs.

What is cruising speed and max speed?

Cruising speed on the 8C is about 15 miles per hour. On a flat road, a strong rider can comfortably reach 20 miles per hour and a really strong rider can exceed 25mph. The ElliptiGO rider has a higher drag coefficient (or higher air resistance) than a rider on a traditional bicycle. This becomes advantageous during descents where the elliptical cyclist will rarely break 30mph, facilitating speed control during descents.

How easy are turning and braking?
Turning and braking while riding the ElliptiGO are very similar to turning and braking while riding a traditional bicycle.


How do you transport it?
The ElliptiGO 8C comes with a foldable steering column that reduces its height to 27″. As a result it can fit standing up in the back of most SUVs and station wagons and some hatchbacks. This feature allows two or three ElliptiGOs to be transported side by side in these vehicles. The ElliptiGO will also fit on several commercially available racks and mounts, including:

  • “Gordo Trunk Rack” by Hollywood Racks – Holds 1 ElliptiGO (MSRP: $109.99)
  • “Tierod 55″ Roof Rack” by RockyMounts – Holds 1 ElliptiGO per tray (MSRP: $129.95)
  • “Pitchfork 55″ Roof Rack” by RockyMounts – Holds 1 ElliptiGO per tray (MSRP: $99.95)
  • “Sportrider 2 Hitch Rack” by Hollywood Racks – Holds 2 ElliptiGOs (MSRP: $299.99

Will the ElliptiGO 8C fit in a standard bike rack?

The 8C will fit many standard roof and trailer hitch racks; however, it will not fit all of them. Here are some racks that work well with the ElliptiGO:

  • “Gordo Trunk Rack” by Hollywood Racks – Holds 1 ElliptiGO (MSRP: $109.99)
  • “Tierod 55″ Roof Rack” by RockyMounts – Holds 1 ElliptiGO per tray (MSRP: $129.95)
  • “Pitchfork 55″ Roof Rack” by RockyMounts – Holds 1 ElliptiGO per tray (MSRP: $99.95)
  • “Sportrider 2 Hitch Rack” by Hollywood Racks – Holds 2 ElliptiGOs (MSRP: $299.99

How much does the ElliptiGO 8C weigh?
The 8C weighs 40 lbs.


Can I use my ElliptiGO with a stationary trainer?
Yes. The ElliptiGO 8C works with a CycleOps indoor training system that includes a riser for the front wheel and an adapter to fit the 20-inch rear wheel. We will be adding this “indoor training kit” soon. To get a sense of what the 8C looks like when mounted on the indoor system, please see the photo below.

Can the ElliptiGO 8C be used with standard bike accessories?
Yes, the ElliptiGO has been created with many industry standard components for bicycles, making it possible for you to attach water bottle holders, bike locks, a bike computer and many other accessories to your ElliptiGO 8C. We actually sell many of these accessories in our store.


Purchasing and Warranty Information

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, we guarantee that the 8C will be free from manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase. Click here to read the product warranty.

What is the return policy?
We offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Any customer can return the 8C for any reason within the first 60 days after delivery and receive a full refund of their purchase price, including tax and initial shipping charges, if any. It is the customer’s responsibiilty to return the 8C to our facility in Solana Beach, California. Click here to read about our return policy.

What colors/options are available?
The 8C is available in blue, green and black.


Comparing the ElliptiGO 8C to other devices

Are there other fitness devices out there like it?
We’ve never seen any. There are several different outdoor exercise vehicles that are propelled by different methods, but we’ve never seen any two-wheeled cycles designed to replicate outdoor running without the impact. There’s a three-wheeled elliptical tricycle on the market, but again, it’s quite different from the ElliptiGO.

How does the ElliptiGO 8C compare to other forms of exercise?
Compared to cycling
Compared to running
Compared to the elliptical trainer

Is the Elliptigo 8C similar to a recumbent bicycle?
No, the ElliptiGO 8C is actually very different from a recumbent bicycle. In fact, it’s sort of the opposite. Recumbent bikes usually have a pretty big seat with a back rest; the ElliptiGO 8C has no seat at all. The recumbent rider usually pedals a recumbent bike with his legs parallel to the ground; the ElliptiGO rider’s legs are perpendicular to the ground. Standing up and pedaling most recumbents seems out of the question, while elliptical bikes are designed so that the rider is standing the whole time. The recumbent rider’s visibility is usually limited because the recumbent rider is usually lower to the ground, making it harder to see him and harder for him to see around obstacles like cars, bushes, walls, etc. In contrast, the elliptical cyclist’s visibility is unusually good because his line of sight is elevated and his whole body is visible, making him easier to spot for drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists. His high riding position enables him to see over cars, trucks, and SUVs, reducing the likelihood that he will have his vision blocked by obstacles. Finally, the recumbent rider pushes pedals in a circle to propel his bike while the elliptical cyclist takes strides that are similar to walking or running to propel an elliptical cycle.


Product Specific – Technical

How can I get the ElliptiGO 8C Serviced?

The 8C uses industry standard bicycle components that can be repaired or serviced by a technician who is trained to service bicycles. The only custom parts are the frame, steering column, drive arms, and adjustable crank assembly, which can also be repaired or replaced by a trained bicycle technician. Depending on your region, there may be a designated service location or we will work with you to find a resource in your area who is willing to service or repair your ElliptiGO. Contact us first with any service issue so we can work with you to get it resolved as quickly as possible. You can reach our service department at service@elliptigo.com or by calling (858) 876-8677.

How much does the ElliptiGO 8C weigh?
The 8C weighs 40 pounds.

Stride length
The stride length is the linear distance a point on a rider’s foot travels during the power stroke of the pedaling motion. The 8C has a longer stride length than typical indoor elliptical trainers. The 8C’s stride length is adjustable and can extend out to 25″ or down to 17″. Most indoor ellipticals have a fixed stride length of around 19″. We have found that the longer stride length makes the riding experience feel more like running.

Width of rider stance
One of the things we noticed when using an elliptical machine was that the drive arms seemed to be spaced further apart than our feet would be when running. We measured several elliptical trainers and they had widths of up to 11″ between the centerline of the drive arms. We designed the ElliptiGO 8C to provide the least amount of distance we could between the foot platforms, so the distance between the centerline of each drive arm on the 8C is about 9-inches and the space between the inside edges of each foot platform is about 3.5-inches. We believe this narrower design contributes to the running-like experience.

Patent protection
The ElliptiGO 8C and the Elliptidrive propulsion system are covered by U.S. Patent No. 6,663,127, Taiwan Patent No. 564,233 and several other patents pending in the U.S. and internationally.

elliptigo vs running

Elliptical Biking vs. Cycling for Fitness

Advantages Over Cycling

  • Requires less time to get a good workout
  • No seat pain
  • Significantly less strain on the neck and shoulders
  • More enjoyable workout experience because of the improved visibility and head position
  • Weight-bearing exercise better maintains bone density
  • Upright riding position improves visibility – both being seen by drivers and ability to see over vehicles and other obstacles

Similarities to Cycling

  • Similar speed and efficiency of travel – can cover a lot of ground
  • Ability to climb hills
  • Easy to balance and maneuver
  • Similar width and length to a bicycle
  • Built from industry standard cycling components
  • Same shifting and braking systems

Disadvantages Compared to Cycling

  • Worse aerodynamics – have to work harder than cyclists to maintain high speeds (> 18 mph)
  • Heavier than most road bicycles
  • Different size and shape reduce the number of off-the-shelf bicycle accessories that will accommodate the ElliptiGO

Compare the elliptical bike to running
Compare the elliptical bike to using th

Weight 40 lbs


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