Time is right to get an ElliptiGO

Last-minute Christmas shoppers still have a chance to take advantage of a great last-minute deal.
The ElliptiGO is a new fitness sensation that’s sweeping the nation and for the rest of the December it’s still available for introductory price of $2,199. Starting Jan. 1, 2011 the new fitness phenomenon that combines riding a bike and an elliptical machine will be bumped up to a price of $2,499.
ElliptiGOs are on back order at many fitness stores, but a limited quantity are still available through At Home Fitness.
Chances are you’ve seen the ElliptiGO featured on television, on a show such as “The Doctors”, or in a magazine, or maybe even watched someone in your neighborhood riding one.
The ElliptiGO bike was invented by former Ironman triathlete Bryan Pate to help runners avoid beating up their bodies through repeated impact.
It’s an outdoor bike with eight speeds that’s a cross between an elliptical trainer and a bicycle.
You can take the traditional elliptical motion outdoors to get a running experience like never before.
The ElliptiGO’s pedals move in a forward motion that’s very similar to a runner’s stride, but minus the hard impact from bouncing up and down on the road or track.
Pate, a former cyclist and triathlete who suffered hip and knee injuries, said the ElliptiGO is a low-impact, high-output, cross-training bike that combines running and cycling. It weighs just 40 pounds.
Depending on your leg strength, you can cruise at about 15-25 mph on the ElliptiGO. Hand levers that connect to rim brakes on the front and rear wheels help you slow down or stop.
For more on the ElliptiGO stop in at At Home Fitness in Arizona, or visit their website.

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