Top five reasons to use an exercise bike

When it comes to fitness equipment, exercise bikes have been around longer than treadmills and ellipticals and there are many reasons why they’re still a great seller.
Bottom line is that exercise bikes – ranging from recumbent bikes, upright bikes and indoor cycles – are a great way to get a cardio workout. Brands to choose from include Bladez, Inspire, Life Core Fitness, Vision Fitness, Life Fitness and ElliptiGo.
Here are the top five reasons exercise bikes should be an important part of any home gym:
Low Impact – There is much less impact on an exercise bike than a treadmill because you’re not jumping or running on an exercise bike. An exercise bike can help you get a good cardio workout without taking a toll on your joints. Exercise bikes are great for people with joint problems or pain.
Heart smart – Regular exercise on a bike helps improve your cardiovascular health. Heart disease and stroke are leading killers of men and women, so this benefit is of utmost importance.
Pain Management – Believe it or not, research has found that regular workouts on an exercise bike can help manage joint and even back pain. The American Council on Exercise has reported that researchers at the Virginia Medical Center found in a study that people with chronic back pain who rode an exercise bike for 25 minutes had a lower perception of pain for at least 30 minutes afterward.
Basically, if you get the blood flowing and muscles moving on a regular basis, it can loosen up your body.
Safety – Exercise bikes are one of the safest forms of cardio exercise you can do. It’s obviously safer than walking or running outside, and even more safe than exercising on a treadmill or elliptical, where there is a slight risk of falling.
Reasonable cost – Compared to other cardio machines, exercise bikes remain one of the most affordable.
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